Important Things to Remember

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Throughout the 2017/2018 Year

*** Classes begin the week of Sept. 5, 2017 All Monday classes will start Sept. 11th.***


Announcement Board
There will be an announcement board to the left as you walk into the lobby. Please check this weekly for any announcements that may be pertinent to your child. It is your responsibility to be informed of all materials placed on the board. Parents who read the board weekly as well as the handouts are aware of important information that is pertinent to their child’s class.

Lakeside Dance Website:  Please reference our website for class closings due to weather, registration, the studio calendar, etc. 

"Like" us on facebook :) for important updates!

Class Cancellations

October - trick-or-treat Oct. 26th no classes
November -Nov. 22-Nov.27th Thanksgiving break
December - 22nd January 1st Christmas break
January - 15th Martin Luther King Day
February - 19th President’s Day
March- 29th - April 2nd  Easter break
May - 7th - 10th Last week of classes  (There are no classes the week of the recital.)

I also am allowing teachers two sick days per class per year. My hope is that we won’t have to use these.

Mailing Address

The studio’s mailing address is:
Kelly Lobdell
227 Grandview Ave.
Meadville, PA 16335

Lakeside Dance, LLC. is located on Charlotte Ave. in Conneaut Lake, PA. However, there is not a mailbox and mail will not be delivered to this address.

Please use my home address as the studio mailing address.  
Kelly Lobdell • 227 Grandview Ave. • Meadville, PA 16335

Any questions, please call the studio  814-382-0206 and leave a message. I check all messages at 12:00 and will return your call as soon as I can. I again check the messages when I arrive at the studio for the day, but don’t always have a chance to return calls before classes start for the day.


If your child arrives to class 15 minutes late, he/she will have to observe class that day. Because of their tardiness they will miss warm-ups and it would be risking injury for them to join class after missing the proper warm-up.

Watching class is beneficial also. By observing, the child may be able to see mistakes in other students that they may be struggling with themselves. They will be able to see the mistake and the correction given. Therefore, they will be able to place that correction on themselves, thus benefiting from their observation.

Weather Cancellations
Please check the studio website or facebook for weather cancellations.

I will make the determination as to whether classes will be cancelled by 2 pm. If you do not have access to the internet, please notify us of that so we can call you with any weather cancellations.


  • Please check the studio calendar to see the payment days.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • October's payment (paid in September) is due no later than September 11th 2017, due to the fact that we do not begin classes until the 5th.
  • All other months, October - May, payments are due the 1st of every month with a grace period until the 5th of the month.
  • Please note we make payments a month ahead of time. September's payment was due upon registration. October's payment is due September 1 st, November's payment is due October 1st and so on. This is so payments are done by April 1st and you may take your child's costume home in time for alterations. I hold the costumes until the year is paid in full. With the pay a month ahead policy, it gives you time for alterations.
  • If payment is not received by the 5th, a $10 late fee will be charged. Once late fees are sent out there are no exceptions. 
  • If your child is sick, you are still required to have your payment paid by the 5th of the month.
  • If paying in cash, please have correct change with you. We do not bring money to make change. If you come with the incorrect change and decide not to pay that day, payment is still due on the 1st of the month. If not paid by the 5th, there will be a late fee issued.
  • If I receive your payment in the mail after the 5th, it is late. This includes bank-automated checks.
  • I cannot hold checks. If it cannot be cashed upon receipt, it is considered Late.
  • If we don't have class on the 5th of the month, payment is still due by the 5th.
  • Your child will have to sit out during class until your payment and late fees are paid. Please pay on time so that your child does not have to face the consequences because the payment is not paid. It is not fair to them.

***Please mark the 1st of each month on your calendar so that you do not have to receive a late fee. I do not like to hand them out, but I am forced to if the policies are not followed.

  • Also, please note, if you know ahead of time you will not be in class to pay by the 1st of the month, it is still your obligation to pay on time.
  • You are welcome to mail payments. My address is 227 Grandview Ave. Meadville, PA 16335
    Please do not send payments to the studio address as I do not accept mail there.
  • Late fees will be sent out on the 6th. Once they are sent out there are no exceptions.