Lakeside Dance Offers a Variety Of Classes

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GenresClass Description
Ballet/Creative (3-7 year olds) This is a creative class for the young dancer. These classes introduce foundation skills along with creative thinking.
Pointe (Must be 11 years old, with at least 3 years of ballet training, and show adequate leg strength. A ballet examination class will be taken to determine if your child is ready for pointe work. Ballet must be taken in conjunction with pointe.  Students will perform on flat at the recital for their first year .) This class builds on the students ballet skills while adding the difficulty of dancing on ones toes!
Ballet (8 years and older) Ballet teaches alignment, placement, balance, and elegance.  It is the foundation for many other dance styles.  Those who take ballet  tend to do better in other dance genres.
Modern (8 years and older) Modern goes beyond the limitations of ballet, and explores unbalanced movement, momentum, improvasation, and expression.
Jazz/ Hip Hop (6 years and older) A high impact class that explores jazz styles from classical and contemporary to hip hop.
Tap (6 years and older) This class focuses on the mechanics of taps, developing tap phrases, rhythms, and coordinating taps to music.
Adult Tap  Adult Tap isbasics with special attention on recital dance.
(Recital is optional) 
Adult Jazz/Hip Hop

Adult Jazz/Hip Hop is basics with special attention on recital dance.
(Recital is optional) 

Tumbling Tumbling is a form of gymnastics performed without props or equipment.  Also refered to as floor gymnastics, common moves performed include flips, somersaults, tucks, handstands, and handsprings.